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iPad Air

The iPad Air is lighter and thinner, than its predecessor, but on the contrary has substantially increased its power. With a reduction in the volume of 25% less than the previous model, but with a great resistance to note only with touch, and thanks to the adjustment of the size of its components up to the last millimetre.

Between your new account with the chip A7, advanced wireless and worked apps, and all of them integrated in ios7, with what you can do much more than you can imagine.

The unibody design is simple and very elegant at the same time, but it also reinforces the structure, since they have perfected the process to create a new ipad more efficient and accurate.

Screen retina

The iPad Air is narrower, but has the same screen size. Because what they have done is to reduce the size of the frame, a change that makes the difference is dramatic. Only turn on the iPad Air you'll notice that the screen of retina emphasizes more than ever, for me is one of the most striking improvements visually, it's really worth it to check the quality of this screen. Exploiting the full potential of this screen. Installs WeChat for iPad, enjoys the best conversations and display your selfies on the big screen.

Another detail worth noting is the coordinates of your sofware intelligently with the new screen., the Air uses a lock algorithm touch able to distinguish if you have the thumb touching the screen so that you can hold it or while this touching something on purpose.

The screen has a size of 9.7 inches, with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 and with more than 3.1 million pixels, which makes photos and videos show up to the last detail, and the text stand out for their great sharpness.

Power of the iPad Air

The new chip TO7 , leads to the air to levels of 64-bit computers, and doubles the speed of your CPU and with an autonomy of 10 hours, which allows plenty of time for work and fun. The A7 is compatible with the version 3.0 of openGL ES, which increases the detail of the graphics and all the visual effects, at the same level as a console or a computer table.

Coprocessor M7 is a processor that measures the movement of the air, from the data you are getting your gyroscope, compass and accelerometer, and the apps take advantage of this information to continually improve the performance. The M7 does the work toward the chip A7, but with the difference that the M7 achieves make it with greater efficiency and saving energy.