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Apple Watch to revolutionized the market for Smartwacth. Know all the details of the Apple Watch. Discover the secrets of the best smartwacth of Apple and smartwatch of Sony, Samsung and LG.

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Smartwatch Sony

The SmartWatch is a smart clock of the Japanese company Sony, with which you can connect to most smart phones with the Android operating system.

The majority of SmartWatch already have the ability to receive notifications from apps as WeChat. Each day we know more details of these smart watches. We hope to be able to help you choose the best SmartWatch. We will continue to analyze different models and applications that can run on these new devices such as WeChat for iPad , Whatsapp, Viber or version as Line for iPad for Smartwacth.

Read on and you'll learn more details about the best smart watches as the SmartWatch Apple, SmartWatch Sony, SmartWatch Samsung, LG G Watch R or Motorola 360.

With the SmartWatch you can read emails, messages, Whatssapps. The Sony SmartWatch arrives as the successor of the Sony Ericson LivesView, released on the market values of 2012.

Functions Sony Smartwatch



Since your SmartWatch brings up your e-mail, to the SMS with a simple swipe of your finger over your screen. Since Google Play Store, you can download the ins POP3, Gmail and other email clients.

Social network:

You don't have to look at your mobile phone to know what accounts your friends on Facebook or Twitter, your SmartWatch you will notify you and you can read them from the.


The Sony SmartWatch you will be notified with a gentle vibration the notices that you have on your phone, just press the screen and you can read the details of the notice.


Applications are divided into normal Widgets and apps. The Widgets are located at the top, and have a larger size, facilitating information quickly, and the applications are shortcuts.

With the touch screen of our SmartWatch we sail a quickly with only four movements up and down and from left to right, press and the Pitch to Zoom.

With the movements we will select the Widget or the chosen application and only have to push hard on the to enter, all in a simple manner.

Something important to highlight this SmartWatch is that it works with any phone with Android system, not only with the Sony brand.

The SmartWatch we can find at a price of 129 euros.

SmartWatch 2

The Smartwatch 2, hit the market in September, 2013, and is known as SW2
The SW2 consists of an aluminum body and with a silicone bracelet or metal, but it can also be used with a band of 24mm and a weight of 22.6Ùg, a resolution of 220x176px.

Technical characteristics.

Dimensions and weight 42 × 9 × 41 mm; 122,5 gr.
Screen LCD de 1.6 pulgadas.
Resolution 220 × 176 píxeles
Connectivity Bluetooth 3.0 y NFC
Durability Waterproof (IP57), up to 30 minutes and up to a meter
Compatibility With any Android 4.0 or higher
Price 189 euros.

The design of the SW2 is square, with rounded corners, and on the sides and the typical button in the line of the design of the Xperia7, and fully metallic and on the other hand is not far from the entrance micro USB charging of the SmartWatch 2, and the framework of the color black. Sony has managed to find a balance between attractive the attractive design and sports.


The SW2 has a Transflective screen call, which allows you to view the hour always on screen without this is fully illuminated ,with the saves battery that means. And since Google we can download Play mode to see the time that we like (digital, analog, creative ways).

In terms of autonomy Sony has improved battery consumption of SmartWatch 2, since it can reach three days without recharging with connectivity to the phone turned on and the notifications.

The water resistance that although is very far from the conventional clock we can have our SmartWatch2 up to 30 minutes in the water and up to a meter in depth, the recommendation is that Sony is not immersed in salt water ( therefore best to avoid the sea, and only wetting in the shower).

The SmartWatch2 can also function as clock without connection to any mobile, with what it would just serve to see the time and the alarms, does not have WI-FI, and you cannot connect to the internet or run applications. The good thing about this is that while you are not connected to any device battery life will be almost double.

What will be achieved with the SmartWhatch2 is that we do not have to remove as many times the mobile, because it will become our second screen of the, since our SW2 able to receive notifications and events and look at it comfortably in our clock, and decide if we're mobile to manage it or it is not necessary at that time.

The SmartWatch2 is routed everything from the application "smart connection", which will help you to configure these apps, you can install from Google Play, so you can receive notices of Twitter or call notifications ( if you have the phone in silence the SW2 will vibrate). Where you will be a help and comfort will be for applications such as Runtastic Endomondo or, because you will see in the SmartWatch 2 the progress of your workout comfortably without needing to remove the mobile while you run or you are going by bicycle.

Screen and Camera SmartWatch 2

Resolution of the screen is very low, but this type of device is not intended for multimedia playback, which if you can use without problems is the flashlight function.

The Smart feature Camera, which is like a remote control, so you can shoot the camera of your Smartphone from your SW2 - VIA, for both video and photography.

In summary we have to understand the SmartWatch 2 as a second screen of our mobile, with which we are able to receive some information functions comfortably without the need to take your mobile phone. although its functions are very limited is an interesting clock for people who likes to do sports and at the same time be always connected.

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