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"Apps for iPad: the best selection of applications for iPad. Learn how to download apps for iPad and known applications more useful and fun."

Apple has thousands of applications of all types, to have such wide range of possibilities for it is sometimes difficult to find the one that best fits what we are looking for, in each section of applications has of many types, such as applications of video, photography, messaging apps as Wechat for iPad, social networks, mail management, and for this reason we have created this section, our intention is the facilitaros work and that is why we are going to be commenting on some of the best applications that you can find this 2014 device for your iPad.

Messaging Applications are the leaders in downloads for both iPad as for iPhone. Between the apps more known we can find to WeChat, but many other as Viber, Line and WhatsApp vying with the chat application of Chinese origin. The majority of apps already have versions of applications for your PC. But today we're going to learn about other applications for iPad.

We hope you will help, and apologize if we let ourselves any that you consider better than the one that we are going to comment on.


This application is being used by more than 2 million people, in order to have your device is desirable to have a task manager on our device as the application is clear, which is one of the best that we can find on the market today, is an application sencialla in its management and very intutiva, in little time you will be very easy to learn to handle it correctly.

Apps for ipad - Clear for ipad

Its design is simple lets you check your pending tasks.

Uses separate lists each have organized every moment of your life.

You can synchronize in iCloud well will have the same power efficient wherever you are.

You can create reminders to never forget any task or commitment
Customization of your playlists with different topics

The same program can be downloaded for iPhone and iPad

And in addition you have free updates constantly, because the designers of Clear are always offering new improvements for this successful application.

Blux Camera

In the app store, you'll find many applications of photography, but the Blux Camera is without doubt the most complete, before taking a photograph we can vary the exposure, contrast, color add filters, and all this watching them in real time, so we can see what a picture looks like before you make it, and has the function which analyzes the conditions of the environment in which we are about to take a picture and the application we are going to recommend a filter that create more suitable for that photograph, in the face of what we can choose or not.

apps for ipad - Blux Camera

You can edit your photos in real time without having to do a post-production, only with a simple movement of your thumb on the screen, you can share your pictures immediately.

Has a very intuitive interface that has a circular slider, which lets you enable and disable menu options such as saturation, contrast, and brightness of the images.

You have 14 filters with names of cities in the world.

Customization of the scene mode, 14 scene modes to measure to optimize the pictures, regardless of the weather, time, or the object that is to be photographed.

Portrait mode, full screen viewfinder and macro shot.

The application for iPad, until the moment it is available free on the Apple Stone, with different languages including spanish.


Quicksign is an application that enables us to record our signature and at the same time create a stamp with which we can reproduce it in the documents that we need present our signature, and offers us the possibility to add text and signs. With this feature we saved all the task of when we do need to return signed some documents, we do not have to inprimir, fill and scan the documents to be able to send these signed, with quicksign already don't have to do all that work, because we will have our signature registered. The process is as simple as copy and paste.