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New iPhone 6

The new iphone 6 is larger than its predecessor, and at the same time is ultra-thin. More power, with a efficiency really extraordinary. With a base of polished metal, and a display of retina HD. With what adopts a uniform design with a hardware and a software with which created a new generation of iphones superior in all aspects.

iphone 6

With this new Smartphone from the mark of the apple you can enjoy not only of messaging applications as WeChat, but new games and applications designed for this new model. Some of these models have their version for Android.


The screen of the iphone 6 are larger, with a higher resolution, greater contrast, pixels of dual domain with what is achieved more vivid colors from different angles, are the finest screens and advanced that have been created so far.

Iphone 6 
4.7 " HD screen retina, 1.334x750 Resolution: 326 p/p 
Iphone 6 plus 
5.5 " DISPLAY OF retina1.920X1080 HD resolution: 401 p/p


It has been used a new process of fotoalineacion advanced, using ultraviolet light to replace the liquid crystals of the screen to the right place, with what is achieved a superior image quality to any other view, with a higher resolution, black much more pure and the texts with greater sharpness.

Power and efficiency

The new A8 chip has been developed with 64-bit technology, as used on the computers of bureau, with what gives you more power for much longer, even with a larger screen, the movement processor M8 collects all the data of the advanced sensors and barometer, in addition to all this, there is that add greater autonomy.


Are becoming increasingly more photos with the iPhone for its great quality and comfort, and many more that are going to do with the new iPhone 6 with the iSight camera that incorporates a new sensor Pixels with focus and with a video recording, 1080HD to 60f/s, slow camera recordings to 240f/s mode and time-lapse, so you can make videos really spectacular.


The new iPhone 6 has a download speed of 4G LTE ultra fast, and is compatible with many more bands LTE than any other smartphone, which allows you to connect to the internet from more places around the world, with this also helps to improve the full roaming functionality of data and the WI-FI connection three times faster.


The iPhone 6 has the technology Touch ID, with the result that it is very easy to protect your iPhone with the best password: your fingerprint, you can use to unlock your device and buy in iTunes, App store, iBooks.


The IOS operating system 8 is the most advanced in the world, have developed new capabilities in order to maximize a larger screen, the best operating system for the best device.