wechat for ipad


"WeChat for iPad features: the best and fun functions available"

WeChat for iPad features

WeChat has many features to make your conversations fun moments. Let's look at some of the main functions of this fun app.

Bottle to drift

Select "social" after "Bottle adrift" 
Select "launch" and when you send your text message or voice, he hoped that to someone open the bottle and you answer. 
Select "raise" when you see a bottle drifting in the sea.If you want to answer or the returning to the sea

Chat with voice

You have to press and hold the button and start talking,when you're finished release and will be sent your message.


This feature lets you share the best moments with your friends. The arrival of the new Smartphone Apple along with terminals of premium range as the desired Samsung Galaxy S7, allow us to enjoy the function "moments" with spectacular images and forografias worthy of a professional. The new Samsung Galaxy S7 come equipped with camera on the front and rear of high quality. Capture your favorite moments and share them with your friends. Here we give a brief explanation of how to do this:

"Social" followed by "moments", press Pres, and now you can share your favorite moments with all of them.

You can mark "i like" and comment on photos that you want to share. To view your time select "Settings", "my time" and you will appear your moments shared.


Shake is one of the newest features that offers wechat.

Select "social" and a warning will appear for new users.

Shake the function that has access to your location data, so you have to verify that you have activated the service location in your setup menu, and give permission to wechat in submenu of location services.

Shakes your ipad to find person who are shaking.

Select "people found" and "send greeting".


In the upper right corner you'll click on the magic wand and select "web of wechat". 
Click on Start.